VSRS launch new website

The Victorian State Race Series have taken another step forward in a big 2021 with the launch of a new website this week.  The series has spent the time with 2020 being a non event to put some plans in place to continue to grow the series going forward and in the opening months of 2021 the series has brought in Blendline TV to stream the racing live and since Winton has committed to the remainder of 2021 being streamed live. However to add to this the series has brought in a new website and a working group to help the series move forward and strengthen it’s place for motorsport in Victoria.

Chairman Paul Zsidy is excited to see the series take another step in promoting VSRS, “it’s been a best kept secret of motorsport for so long and we have been able to take some major steps forward with the addition of Blendline TV, and now a reinvigorated website and we will continue to review what we do and how we promote the VSRS”.

2021 has been a standout in state motorsport with the strongest entries for state racing and the upcoming round at Phillip Island is once more going to improve this, “We kicked off Round 1 with a huge entry, Winton has always been a tough one in recent years but we had the best turnout of entries in recent times, and now we have over 250 entries for Phillip Island to show once more some fantastic support from the competitors, but that we are heading in the right direction” commented Zsidy.

Make sure you bookmark www.vsrs.com.au going forward.