Phil Chester revealsed VSRS x Blendline livery

Phil Chester is mostly known for his #1 MG B GT V8 having taken multiple state championships. Behind the scenes he has also been an advocate for the VSRS and raising its profile, sitting on the working froup for VSRS and driving the BlendlineTV partnership

After a successful couple of seasons Chester is stepping back into an MG F for a few rounds and with this in mind has revealed a livery supporting Vic State Race Series, Blendline TV and MG Racing Australia.  “It just came about after a conversation with Blendline’s Daniel Beckinsdale, and how we can get the work out there more, Daniel is hugely passionate and fortunately for me I don’t have too many sponsors so it was an easy thing to do when I decided to step back into the F to use it to promote the wider activation” commented Chester.

The MG F is expected to be mid field but that will give all the partnerships exposure as well as general paddock awareness, Chester is a hard working part of the behind the scenes and in true style didn’t want any fan fare, “I didn’t do this for promotion of myself, my business isn’t even on the car! But I wanted to showcase what we have done – we have really helped lift both BTV and VSRS and this celebrates that”.

Phil Chester will sport his #1 due to being the reigning MG Champion